Tenant Types: The Life of Grime

August 20th, 2013 - No Comments

Tenant Types - The Life of Grime

Today’s #TenantType is somebody you never hope to deal with. Someone who has chosen The Life of Grime.

The Life of Grimer is a tenant who has never really understood the need to keep their property clean and orderly. A few months after they’ve moved in and suddenly the premises could be mistaken for an episode of ‘A Life of Grime’ or ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ They hoard newspapers, never clean or tidy up, and as the property collects rubbish, it begins to attract vermin.

It can be nightmare scenario for Landlords and Tenants alike, but the only remedy for the situation is a complete change of lifestyle and a deep professional clean. To avoid situations like this, always carry out routine inspections and address any concerns as soon as possible.