Signs that you could be renting to a Cannabis Farmer

October 29th, 2013 - No Comments

The latest report from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit says that there are now as many as 500,000 people growing cannabis in the UK.. So we thought we would give you some thorough advice on spotting the early signs of a cannabis farm in the property you’re renting.


Cannabis Farmers can’t escape the fact that an excessive amount of light is needed for farming cannabis indoors. Indoor farming relies on artificial lighting for a large percentage of the day and as a result the property is lit up like a Christmas Tree. Tenants will try to fly under the radar by blacking out their windows, so look out for curtains and blinds that never open.

Excess Heat

Having to artificially light a whole premises not only creates a lot of excess light, but it also gives off a tremendous amount of heat. In our #TenantTypes post on Cannabis farmers we say early signs can be a rooftop without any snow on it (when the neighbours are covered). However some of the more savvy commercial growers will use internal tents to trap the heat – however sometimes the police have their own way of spotting growers.

The Smell

Cannabis has a very distinct smell, and there can be approximately 4 ‘harvests’ in a 12 month period. By the end of the harvest cycle the plants begin to smell incredibly potent – and the smell can be really overpowering. This year, Crimestoppers have issued Cannabis Farm ‘scratch and sniff’ cards thousands of homes across the UK to help identify the smell.

Lack of Activity At The Property

Often these farms make the property uninhabitable for the tenants. So a clear sign that something malicious could behind closed doors is a lack of any activity at the property. So never seeing your neighbours, gardens left to overgrow, never any signs of refuse collection – these are all indicators that the property could be “empty”.

If you suspect there might be a cannabis farm at your property, please call  the police immediately. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.