Tenant In Arrears

Is your tenant 2 months or more in arrears with rent? Serve them notice now to start the legal reclaim process.

Our fees include the service of all notices - unlike other companies who usually charge per notice.

Is your tenant in arrears with their rent?

Do you need your property vacated?

We can deal with this for you and take away the stress of eviction and chasing up unpaid monies with three easy steps:

  1. Call our eviction experts on 0845 450 0536 or Contact Us Here
  2. Provide us with a copy of the tenancy agreement and details of arrears
  3. We will serve the relevant and correct notice on your tenant (Section 8, Section 21 or Notice to Quit) under No. 3

In most cases, this is the only action required to correct the issue you have with your tenant.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.