As a Helpland Reseller you will get access to an exciting portfolio of products and services designed to
generate new business, growth and revenues.

You will also benefit from free marketing campaigns and first class support from an experienced team.

As a Helpland Reseller you will enjoy:

  • Access to market leading Landlord Service brands
  • Excellent commissions and recurring revenues
  • Free Marketing Campaigns
  • Support in the field and demo programmes

In order to provide a fixed fee service, we require all emails and calls to us are kept to a reasonable quantity. We will monitor emails and calls to us and add fees on a timely basis for excessive contact by clients. You will be put on notice should this arise.


We are able to serve a preventative Notice Of Intent to tenants once they are 1 month (4 weeks) in arrears. This serves as a final warning to the said tenant that, as soon as they are in arrears for 2 months (8 weeks), then legal notice will be served. Helpland Ltd can report an excellent rate of success with this notice, the majority of cases being settled before legal notice is required.

What is a Notice Of Intent?

A Notice Of Intent would act as a warning to your tenant before you serve them notice (Section 8 or Section 21) and, therefore, gives your tenant ample time to rectify the unpaid monies. Once a Notice Of Intent has been served, it is then up to your tenant to pay the outstanding amount before the debt increases. If your tenant still fails to pay the balance to you then, as soon as they are in arrears for 2 months (or 8 weeks) you would proceed to Step 1, Evict My Tenant.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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Is your tenant 2 months or more in arrears with rent? Serve them notice now to start the legal reclaim process.

Our fees include the service of all notices - unlike other companies who usually charge per notice.

Is your tenant in arrears with their rent?

Do you need your property vacated?

We can deal with this for you and take away the stress of eviction and chasing up unpaid monies with three easy steps:

  1. Call our eviction experts on 0845 450 0536 or Contact Us Here
  2. Provide us with a copy of the tenancy agreement and details of arrears
  3. We will serve the relevant and correct notice on your tenant (Section 8, Section 21 or Notice to Quit) under No. 3

In most cases, this is the only action required to correct the issue you have with your tenant.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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Do you need to evict your tenant? We will arrange, organise and implement the eviction notice and possession order for you.

Helpland Ltd can take the strain of eviction problems away from you.


If you have completed the process Tenant In Arrears and your tenant has not yet vacated your property or addressed the outstanding monies, you will need to start the process of eviction as soon as possible. We can do this for you in easy steps:

  1. Obtaining a possession order. We instruct our Legal Team to apply to the courts for proceedings to be issued against your tenant.
  2. A court date is arranged for the hearing (typically 6-10 weeks following instruction).
  3. Our Legal Team will attend the court hearing on your behalf and obtain the court order.
  4. Once the court order for eviction is made, your tenant has 14 days to vacate the property and pay arrears.

The vast majority of tenants settle and vacate at this stage. However, there are always exceptions and the minority of tenants refuse to adhere to the law. Should you find yourself in this irregular situation we advise you to revert to Remove My Tenant.

Please note that if we proceed under a Section 21 notice, there is no requirement for a court hearing. The situation is resolved very quickly.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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There are always tenants who think they are above the law and, regardless of any legal papers you serve them, will refuse to move. Step 3 is the final stage in the eviction process.

Upon your instructions, we will arrange for the Court Bailiffs to issue a warrant for possession of the property and to remove the tenant. Without exception, this leaves you with a vacant property that you can then re-let or sell.

Thankfully, there is no Step 4 required. However, there are times when moneys are still outstanding. For this very problem we offer a tenant tracing service to locate the tenant once they have left the property. More details of this service can be found by clicking here.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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Under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984, it is possible to request that a judge transfer the order to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer under a writ of possession. It is important that the order is made correctly and the right wording used. If you are owed rent, you can also add a claim for money to the possession order.

The benefit of using the High Court Sheriffs is that they can act very quickly to execute the writ and return your property to you.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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A Notice will be prepared and served upon the lessee who will be given 14 days to pay the judgement sum and the costs of the Notice. If the Notice is not dealt with on this basis, then forfeiture proceedings will be prepared, dispatched to court and a copy sent to any mortgagee who will be served in due course by the court.

Where there is a mortgagee involved, it will invariably intervene and pay the arrears and all legal fees to avoid its security being forfeited. It will usually only intervene after attempts have been made (in accordance with FSA regulations) to contact the borrower to notify of the intention to make payment on the borrower's behalf if the borrower fails to do so, which payment will be debited to the borrower's mortgage account.

Where there is no mortgagee involved, the forfeiture claim will usually proceed to a hearing because, typically, the position is that the property is tenanted and the forfeiture proceedings will not have come to the attention of the lessee.

The important point to emphasise to managing agents is that, save in the case where there has been an error made on the part of the managing agent and/or any freeholder as a result of which the Section 146 Notice and/or forfeiture proceedings have to be withdrawn, there will be no further cost borne by the client in relation to any steps taken, as we will recover all of our costs either from the lessee or any mortgagee.

Instruction fee of £49.95 only
All other fees are obtained from the mortgagee or lessee.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597 or Contact Us Here.

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Your waste is our concern

Household Waste Disposal – When you want it.

Waste concern is a unique new service offering you a solution to your waste disposal needs. We are the UK’s only specialist company offering a private household waste collection service. This service is a completely new way to manage everyday household waste disposal.

Waste Concern was established in direct response to problems residents are facing with their refuse collection arrangements. This specialist service provides an affordable residential waste management solution to those that feel they need a more effective answer to rubbish removal. A truly beneficial community service which has been tried and tested for business use and is now available to the general public.

One Wheelie Bin!

Instead of dealing with multiple recycling bins, we offer just one wheelie bin, to make your life easier.

Refuse collection the easy way:

  • We provide you with a smart wheelie bin in a size to suit you.
  • You order as many or as few collections as you need.
  • We do not limit you by weight or number of bin bags.
  • Our services are not affected by public or religious holidays.

We offer bespoke collections, dependant on your needs; many of our customers use us in between council collections which makes Waste Concern a convenient solution as you won’t have the build-up of unsightly and unwanted rubbish. We also collect on-demand, meaning that when you re-decorate, clear the garden, host a party or produce more refuse than usual; we are available to collect at a time that suits you.

Recycling bins made easy:

  • Our wheelie bins accept all general waste except hazardous materials.
  • All your waste goes into one bin - food waste, recyclables and non-recyclables.
  • You can even use our bin for your garden waste.

Solutions for all your Household Waste Disposal needs:

  • We will collect your household rubbish whenever you need us to.
  • We will collect your garden waste at the same time.
  • We can collect larger, bulkier items at the same time on request.
  • We can even provide safe disposal of hazardous waste on request.

This solution couldn't be simpler. Many consumers would like to recycle more, but struggle to keep up with complex separation requirements for multiple recycling bins. Recycling shouldn't be complicated, which is why we offer a one-stop solution. All you do is deposit everything into one of our bins and we do the rest for you. Your rubbish is collected, your recycling is done and you don’t have to worry about fines, collections or overflowing bins.

Affordable pricing:

  • From as little as £10, you can have regular weekly collections.
  • There is no compulsory contract - you decide which collections you need.
  • You can pay by collection, monthly, or on an annual basis, dependant on what works for you.

Waste Concern prides itself on reliability and courteous operatives and we always, our operatives strive to provide a great value service. As a privately run company we are able to offer a level of flexibility and service that is simply not available from councils.

For more information, call our helpline on 020 3326 5597, Contact Us Here or visit

To order your collection now, click here

Waste Concern