Helpland Guardians


Are your interested in becoming a guardian and living in secure,
affordable accommodation in major UK cities with like
minded people at the cheapest rates?

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  • You will need to be 21 years old, employed full-time or a mature student, not currently bankrupt or involved in bankruptcy proceeding
  • If you are eligible then you can join our team of guardians. We will then contact you once we have a suitable preferred location for you. All enquires will be screened thoroughly to make sure both parties needs are meet.
  • We will contact you when a Guardian place becomes available in your preferred location(s). This process is about the timing of your application. On that occasion you may be lucky and we will have a wide range of places in different areas to offer you. If you are able to be flexible with your move dates and/or preferred locations(s) this may in many cases increase the likelihood of us being able to offer you a Guardian place very quickly.
  • All licence fees vary in costing due to the location, properties conditions and sizing of rooms. Averagely you will be paying 50% lower then normal rents. Bills are normally included. If there are any bills to pay then they will be split fairly and reasonably among the other licensees. You will have to pay a £59.95 admin fee, a damage security payment (equivalent of 1 month’s licence fee) and £60.00 for our fire safety pack (fire blanket, extinguisher and fire alarm)
  • Our properties range from modern office blocks to listed buildings. As part of our guardian team you will have a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people living in your community. We have a wide range of properties, some are more central than others. We do get new properties on our books all the time.
  • Your duties are to protect and preserve our client’s property by residing at the property on a full time basis. You will be expected to report any threats or risks to the property that occur and may (leaks, broken windows etc) and potentially affect the structural integrity of our clients property. You will never be required to undertake any security functions other than occupying the property, or ever be expected to endanger yourself in protecting the property. 24/7 emergency numbers will be provided.
  • All rooms are unfurnished. With written permission you are normally allowed to decorate your room. You are welcome to bring your own furniture into the property. All properties will have hot water in the kitchens and bathrooms. Any request by any guardian to install landlines and internet will be considered, but at their own cost.
  • We protect our clients properties for varying lengths of time. On average its normally between 6 and 12 months. We will always offer our guardians alternative accommodation once a property is due to be handed back. You will also need to give 4 weeks written notice to us if you wish to leave the property.



Alternatively contact us by email at
or call us on 020 3326 5597